Opteon™ YF the Sustainable, Low GWP Auto Air Conditioning Solution

Opteon™ YF provides the optimal balance of performance, sustainability and safety.

U.S. and EU regulations have created the need for a high-performing, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant solution. Opteon™ YF (HFO-1234yf) meets the challenge.

Automotive air conditioning units using Opteon™ YF technology achieve required performance levels, exceeding expectations and helping put customers out in front of environmental regulations. The lasting benefits include:

  • Optimal balance of performance, sustainability (GWP of <1) and safety
  • Compliant with Global Regulations
    • Meets the EU MAC Directive
    • Thermally stable under extreme conditions
  • Comparable properties to R-134a:
      Similar P/T at all operating conditions
    • Similar Energy efficiency
    • Similar Capacity
  • Cost-effective means to secure US CO2 credits
  • Cost-effective transition for EU compliance

Opteon™ YF cools like HFC-134a in automotive air conditioning system, but with a much lower GWP鈥揺ven lower than CO2. The breakthrough Opteon™ chemistry provides low GWP benefits and retains other important properties including comparable capacity and energy efficiency, low toxicity, and zero ozone-depletion potential.

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R-1234yf is the new standard for OEMs for use in US vehicles. See how Opteon™ YF can help you prepare for the upcoming spike in demand and keep your customers satisfied.

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