The Be Cook Aware Initiative

A growing number of U.S. consumers are taking to their kitchens to cook more frequently, and trying new and more nutritious foods, in effort to reduce food bills and perhaps their waistlines.

Since culinary trends are constantly changing, DuPont initially developed the Be Cook Aware initiative to understand how the past year’s trends have impacted consumers’ cooking and eating behaviors at home. By engaging in this conversation, we hope to build and inspire healthier lifestyles. Because it’s not enough to be food-conscious — we need to Be Cook Aware.

Be Cook Aware | Teflon™ Brand

Cook Aware Consumers

Who are Chemours customers? What do they look for when shopping for cookware? And how do they view our Teflon™ brand products? At Chemours we continually strive to answer questions like these and more to learn as much as we can about our consumers. By taking the findings from various surveys and studies, we can adapt and evolve our products and brands to the ever-changing needs of the Chemours customer.
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Be Cook Aware | Teflon™ Brand
Cook Aware Experts
As a brand committed to understanding trends in cooking, we show our support by being at the heart of the events that help shape awareness. In fact, we’ve enlisted food and lifestyle celebrities to come together to offer their opinions and observations about the latest trends in purchasing, preparing and enjoying food.
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