For Avant-Garde Trendsetters

This color is a real eye-catcher. It's bright, offers fun potential and cannot be overlooked. Some people may disagree, but one thing is clear: Hot Chilli leaves no one cold.

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For Classic Gourmets Who Crave the Perfect Dinner

The color is classy. It combines luxury with understatement. The high quality appearance leaves an impression of natural elegance. You automatically appreciate the appetizing appearance of your food in the pan and how the color enhances your kitchen environment.

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For Classic Gourmets Who Crave the Perfect Dinner

Street cafes and live music, appetizers and snacks. Summer weekends in the city or in a leisurely country atmosphere. Spicy Olive has the flair of urban plazas and cobblestoned streets. Strolling and lingering.

For Traditionalists with a Taste for the Exception

Everybody loves this color. It's distinctive, yet friendly and familiar, color which makes the purchasing decision easy. The hue emphasises the presentation of cakes, bakes and desserts.

Regal Extravagance for Bon Vivant

This color signals glory and splendor, pure joy of life. Why not transform this lightness of being into a culinary treat for your senses? This warm and inspiring hue invites you to spoil your friends or yourself with symphoneis of colour.

For Healthy Enthusiasts Who like Things Simple

Simple yet elegant, Ivory is on of the world's most versatile colors. Its minimalist feel impresses those with an eye for style, while its calm, soft tone creates an aura of pure relaxation. It's a color that truly helps make any meal a soothing experience.

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