The latest addition to the portfolio of premium Teflon™ nonstick coatings

Mother Nature has proven time and again that surfaces with raised patterns are considerably more durable and longer lasting than smooth surfaces. Teflon™ Profile leverages this phenomenon with a revolutionary skin technology that offers outstanding durability and superior hiding power from scratches —keeping cookware looking good longer.

Innovative Skin Technology Provides Armor-like Protection

The secret to the scratch resistance and durability of Teflon™ Profile is in the detail: the topcoat and midcoat contain unique use of materials that provide special protection. The topcoat made of specialty high performance polymer provides the easy cleaning Lotus-Effect®, while the silicon carbide (SiC) midcoat creates a unique surface texture with armor-like strength.

The Performance Proof

One of the toughest scratch tests for cookware coatings is the CAMUT simulation test—Teflon™ Profile achieved outstanding results.

In this process the material being tested is scratched with a knife, a fork, a spatula and a whisk in a computer-aided measuring station. The condition of the surface is then analyzed and rated.

There were almost no scratches visible in the pan with the new Teflon™ Profile coating in direct comparison with a standard coated pan with smooth surface. Even in the toughest of conditions, Teflon™ Profile not only performs, but looks like new.


The power of Teflon™ Profile


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