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Teflon™ AF amorphous fluoroplastics

Teflon™ AF is a family of amorphous fluoroplastics. These materials are similar to other amorphous polymers in optical clarity and mechanical properties, including strength. These materials are comparable to other fluoroplastics in their performance over a wide range of temperatures, in having excellent chemical resistance, and in having outstanding electrical properties. 

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The Teflon™ AF polymers are distinct from other fluoroplastics in that they are soluble in selected solvents, have high gas permeability, high compressibility, high creep resistance, and low thermal conductivity. Teflon™ AF polymers have the lowest dielectric constant of any known solid polymer. Teflon™ AF polymers have the lowest index of refraction of any known polymer. Learn more about Teflon™ AF:

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