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Packaging and Handling for R-105

Available Packaging:

25 kg Bag, Non-Batch Inclusive
Net Weight: 25 kg
Bags per Pallet: 40
Bag Weight Tolerance: -0.159, +0.159 kg/bag
Materials of Construction: 6 mil, medium weight linear low density polyethylene film or polypropylene/polyethylene blend film, both materials for non-batch inclusion applications.

Pallet Illustration - 40" x 48", 4-way

Metric Tonne (1000 kg) Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC)
Net Weight: 1000 kg (2204 lb.)  Bags per Pallet: 1
Bag Weight Tolerance: -10.0, +10.0 lb./bag
Materials of Construction: 6.5 oz. per square yd. woven polypropylene w/static conductive filament.

Package Illustration - Package prior to 2/25/13
Package Illustration - Package after 2/25/13
Package Illustration – Package after 1/23/14
Pallet Illustration - 44" x 44", 2-way 

Handling Recommendations
To review safe handling guidelines including pallet stacking recommendations, please consult the following document:
Handling Recommendations for Dry TiO2 Pigment