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Chemours Vertrel specialty fluids

Vertrel™, a Safe Replacement for HCFC-225

On January 1, 2015, production and importation of HCFC-225 will be banned because it is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon and has been linked to the depletion of the earth's ozone layer.

Vertrel™ specialty fluids are a safe, effective alternative to HCFC-225, with the following benefits:

  • superior toxicity profile
  • zero ozone-depletion potential
  • fast drying; non-flammable; chemical and thermally stable; safe to use
  • powerful solvency strength; designed to clean a wide range of soils
  • compatible with a broad range of materials, metals, plastics, and elastomers
  • existing equipment can be used with minor or no modifications
  • no acid acceptance testing needed

Vertrel™ specialty fluids have the broadest range of cleaning power of any solvent family. Vertrel™ can match nPB and HCFC-225 cleaning power in most cleaning situations. 



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