Safety Excellence

Responsible chemistry begins with a focus on our people, plant, communities, and environmental safety.

Safety is essential to everything we do at Chemours. In fact, it’s an obsession we live every day. We believe that our commitment to safety covers our colleagues and plants while also extending beyond our facilities into our communities and environment.

2030 Goal: Improve employee, contractor, process and distribution safety performance by at least 75%. UNSDGs 3, 12, 17.

Developing and producing innovative, essential chemistry solutions involves complex and challenging processes. We have a responsibility to ensure that every step in our operations and our value chain is as safe as possible. That means extending our safety commitment beyond the manufacturing of our products. We also make sure that the shipment of raw materials to our production facilities, the shipment of our products, and the handling, use, and storage of those products by the end users take place as safely as possible.

That responsibility is deeply embedded in our businesses, and we rely on our line managers as well as a group of internal experts to nurture and enhance our safety culture in all functions, at all levels. With an eye for continuous improvement, our experts set and approve corporate standards, share lessons learned across all of our plants, monitor performance across our three businesses, and review our assurance program.

Site Safety

In 2017, we awarded nine of our sites with our Environment, Health, and Safety Excellence Award for reaching the top 25% of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) safety metrics against industry peers.

Process Safety

Site safety means safe operations designed to prevent incidents—any unplanned events arising from the manufacturing process that results in a spill, fire, explosion or injury. We keep a close watch on all aspects of our operations. This helps us prevent process safety incidents or quickly resolve any that may occur.

We track process safety several ways, comparing it to our own historical performance and against the average for our industry. Each month, the ACC shares reporting that includes process safety events, classified by a tier system in accordance with industry standards, to account for events of varying degrees of severity. Recent year-over-year performance trends have been stable, and we continuously strive to improve our operations toward a goal of zero loss of containment events.

An infographic detailing the Total Process Safety Events experienced by Chemours in 2015-2017.

In 2017, we reported a smaller number of incidents within each tier. Unfortunately, we did experience a Tier 1 incident which we fully investigated, uncovered critical learnings, and implemented preventative measures to improve our safety performance and ensure continuous learning.

Read more about our 2030 Corporate Responsibility Commitment goals.

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Case Study

A Commitment to Continuous Learning in Process Safety Management

Our safety-obsessed culture leads employees to seek out additional training opportunities to increase safety literacy and capability at our sites. In 2017, we introduced a new Process Safety Management (PSM) training program at our Corpus Christi, Texas, site. Bringing together 26 Chemours employees, representing 12 different countries and 8 sites, the session provided information on how to identify and manage process hazards. We’re putting these learnings to use to enhance routine site PSM leader meetings, making upgrades to corporate PSM standards, and improving our approach to PSM auditing.

Chemours employees engaged in a process safety management training program.

Occupational Safety

The 2015 calendar year ACC total recordable incident rate average was 0.76 . The most recent 2015 calendar year U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics NAICS Code for Chemical Manufacturing for total recordable cases is 1.9. The 博猫在线s 2017 employee total recordable incident rate was 0.26. We also reduced total recordable cases and lost work day cases for employees in 2017.

An infographic detailing the Employee Process Safety Events from 2015-2017.

An infographic detailing the Contractor Process Safety Events from 2015-2017.

Transportation and Distribution Safety

We track incidents that occur during the transportation of our raw materials and products. We compare our incident numbers to our prior performance and to the benchmark data of our peers.

An infographic showing the Chemours’ distribution incidents for 2015-2017.

We experienced an uptick in incidents in 2017. Several were carrier-related, such as trailer accidents. Others were site packaging issues. Each of these incidents has been investigated and resolved with no repeat of this type of incident to date in 2018. Moreover, we continue to improve training at our sites while diminishing transportation risk. When called upon, we will continue to share our perspectives with customers, carriers, policy makers, and regulators.

To learn more about our Corporate Responsibility Commitment and 2030 goals, we invite you to download our full report.

Read more about our 2030 Corporate Responsibility Commitment goals.

Download the report>